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Welcome to the Fiery Spinning Sword


I have finally done what I should have done a long time ago – starting my own blog. I imagined the concept for years, but never had the trigger or the skills to do anything about it.

Over the past two and a half years, as part of my involvement with Bitcoin. I participated in online discussions. A lot. Once in a while, I would even say something intelligent and meaningful; something that deserved to be fleshed out, placed in a more prominent location, and saved for posterity.

Whenever this occurs in the future, I will use this blog for it. Naturally, I intend to write about topics that interest me, such as Bitcoin, mathematics, and myself.

The blog’s name, “Fiery Spinning Sword”, is a biblical reference. It is a possible interpretation of “lahat hacherev hamit’hapechet” (Genesis 3:24, להט החרב המתהפכת) – an enchanted sword placed in the eastern entrance to the garden of Eden as a guardian of the tree of life; hovering in the air, spinning around and shredding any would-be trespasser wishing to eat its fruit. It is also a homage to the screen name “Holy-Fire” I use occasionally (which is not, incidentally, a religious reference), and to my passionate desire to cut through all the nonsense that you hear from time to time.

I hope you enjoy it.