Monthly Archives: March 2021

After Ten Years

Exactly 10 years ago I first heard about Bitcoin.

It was hard to imagine back then that reading a simple post would affect my life in such a profound and far-reaching way. This turning point dictated the path I’ve walked since then – the people I’ve met, the expriences I’ve experienced and the solutions I’ve furthered.

At the end of a decade of activity – full of excitement, successes and failures – I have the opportunity to soul-search and figure out what it really important to me.

And I’ve reached the conclusion that all good things must come to an end – and so will this chapter of my life. It is time to follow Satoshi’s example, significantly reduce my activity in Bitcoin going forward, and move on to the next challenges in my life.

You will see me much less often from now on; but unlike Satoshi, I will not disappear completely. You can take a man out of Bitcoin, but you can’t take Bitcoin out of a man.

Have fun staying in Bitcoin. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.